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ARIA Acquires ECO Building Systems business from GP Global

November 2020

ARIA Commodities has agreed to acquire GP Global’s ECO Building Systems business unit. The division is a leader in providing solutions to the construction industry such as waterproof membranes and paving and surfacing, including the supply of bitumen.

The purchase offers diversity to ARIA’s existing business which concentrates largely in the agricultural space. 

By bringing in new technologies, ARIA hopes to compliment the existing business by adopting new production methods, including the integrating waste or recycled products. We are currently exploring the use of recycled plastics in road surfacing as well launching a range of eco-adhesives. At the same time, we are also working in the sustainable fuel markets via upcycled vegetable oil and biofuels. Given the link between bio-fuel and agriculture, ARIA Commodities is very well placed to add value to its clients. 

As a major producer of carbon emissions, GP ARIA is committed to working with the construction industry to reduce its negative impact through innovation.