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ARIA Opens New Office in Tanzania

September 2021

ARIA’s East African presence grows further with the recruitment of a highly experienced Tanzanian team. Located in the major port of Dar Es Salaam, the office is well suited to capitalise on Tanzania’s position as a major exporter of agricultural goods. Agriculture is the main contributor to Tanzania’s economy, making up almost 30% of GDP and is a major source of foreign exchange and employment.

The office will bring diversification to our origination capabilities, adding crops such as pigeon peas, mung beans and chickpeas to our portfolio. 

Rohit Panjwani explains, “ARIA is already heavily involved in origination of grains from our offices around the world. Adding staples such beans or pulses takes us further on our journey toward becoming a major player in the soft commodities space. We have seen strong demand for these goods as governments continue to emphasize the importance of food security during the COVID 19 pandemic. “