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First Series of Serica Note Issuance Matures

June 2020

ARIA is pleased to announce the following notes issued by Serica Finance PLC and backed by trade related flows from the ARIA Commodity Finance Fund have successful matured, with investors receiving full interest and capital.

EUR 5.5% due April 2020 [ISIN GB00BJRF9H03] 

USD 7.0% due April 2020 [ISIN GB00BJQ31240]

Matt Brittain, CEO of ARIA Commodities in Dubai commented, “As we see the world’s supply chains being severely tested by the COVID pandemic, the successful repayment of both of the issuances is testament to the robustness of risk mitigation employed by our Fund.”

ARIA issued a second series of notes under the Serica Secured Note Programme earlier this year.