An unwavering commitment to Sustainable Shipping As would be expected of any organization that stewards institutional capital, we fully embrace the the International Maritime Organisation’s environment protection regulations as befits a responsible freight operator and fixer. A central plank of our sustainability policy is the promotion of practices which minimize emissions reductions, including greenhouse gases and sulphur oxides as well as ballast water treatment.
Optimisation of routes and investment in the most efficient tonnage all serve to contribute to the decarbonization of the maritime freight. Partnering with international bodies and investigating carbon reducing technologies such as biofuels in shipping, we are proud to be part of a global movement to reduce CO2 emissions.

Whilst focussed on agricultural cargos, our freight team also supports a bank of third party customers, which can include miners, utilities and other industrial players. Our shipping operations have a global footprint – at any given moment, we may be transporting Ukranian barley to China, pulses to Europe or cotton to Japan – either on behalf of ourselves or third parties