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We connect producers and users of grains, oilseeds, bio-fuels and bio-industrial products, through origination, trading and distribution globally.

Our platform model provides a highly integrated proposition, from research and consultancy related to food security initiatives, through to financing structures for farmers, logistics expertise and marketing of agricultural and bio-industrial goods to our longstanding counterparties.



With hundreds of years' of experience, including senior commodity and asset management industry figures, we are well placed to provide financing solutions to well structured, highly collateralised and credit insured transactions, as well as assets and logistics facilities.Our asset management and trading platform provides numerous benefits to partners:
  • Structured equity and debt finance solutions for fixed assets and logistics investments
  • Origination support from our regional offices
  • Logistics and freight fixing and management for a breadth of transaction, comprehensive structured credit insurance
  • Structuring advice in putting together well collateralised transactions

Our portfolio includes silos, vessels, logistics vehicles, bio-industrial and bio -ethanol facilities

We have offices and operations in Perth, Singapore, Dubai, Rostov, Kiev, Casablanca, Tanzania, Kansas, Mexico and Brazil.


From avocados, to wheat, barley, corn, fertilisers and transitionary fuels, our global footprint and longstanding relationships with growers and producers, allow us to originate millions of tonnes of agricultural and bio-industrial commodities globally.
Our commodities include:
  • DDGS
  • Bio-fuels
  • Bio-industrial and waterproofing products
  • Grains
  • Pulses
  • Rice
  • Sugar


Once harvested, we transport crops and goods to our storage facilities in different locations globally. Ethically and sustainably produced and processed, we move goods a step nearer the consumer.
  • Avocado's are harvested, picked and processed;
  • Cashews are sourced, cleaned and exported;
  • Lead is recycled, reused and used to produced electric batteries; 
  • Corn is grown, fermented and converted into energy and high protein animal feed.

Cutting edge facilities included warehouses, silos and trucks, trailers and ships moving millions of tonnes of product per year to our clients.

With hundreds of years of trading experience from a highly diverse team of employees, we have a finger on the pulse of ever changing macro and consumer trends.


Commodity markets are perhaps more sensitive to the supply function than financial markets. Political changes, weather patterns and logistical considerations can have a large and enduring impact of price movements.Our renowned fundamental S&D analysis provides market participants and partners of all stripes, valuable market knowledge across our different businesses.We have a 'four dimensional approach' to risk management and hedging solutions, and can provide support for customers across the following:
  • Fixed price swap/futures contracts
  • Basis swaps, zero cost collars
  • Physical/Geograhhical arb solutions
  • Logistics/Freight Platform


With our founding philosophy rooted in environmentally conscious and sustainable asset management and commodity trading, our 'boots on the ground' approach, yields fundamental insights into supply chains that are unmatched by few.Our products are, or form part of the very building blocks of daily life. We put to work 'committed capital', capital which compels us to be an agent of change: a global manager of commodity related assets, and as a merchant of agricultural and energy related products, we're committed to build the bio-economies of the future.We have built a dynamic, rapidly growing business on the following principles:
  • Energy transition is key to a prosperous and stable future.
  • ‘Climate Smart Agriculture’ can both reduce emissions and nourish a growing population.
  • Climate resilient infrastructure is the need of the hour.
  • Developing innovative financing structures and mobilising private capital into them, will be pivotal to addressing climate and food security issues coming increasingly into sharp focus.

From stewards of organic fresh produce of the most stringent organic standards in Kenya, to financing sustainable corn production in LatAm, our reach includes financing miling for the World Food Program, building bio-refineries and participating in Indian National Food Stimulus programs.

Revolutionizing Commodities Trading: Dubai’s Global Connectivity Hub – Dive into the intricate world of commodities trading, where Dubai stands as a beacon of global connectivity. Explore the challenges and opportunities in decarbonization faced by regions like Kansas and Perth, while understanding the pivotal role of energy security in cities like Geneva. Our platform facilitates conversations on energy investment, climate change resilience, and the journey towards a sustainable future in Kyiv, Dar es Salaam, and beyond. Join us to witness the seamless linkage between producers and users of grains, oilseeds, bio-fuels, and bio-industrial products in Dubai/UAE. Experience the convenience of trading DDGS, bio-fuels, bio-industrial and waterproofing products, grains, pulses, rice, and sugar on a single platform. Discover the power of global connectivity in shaping the future of commodities trading. Commodities Trading Platform, Dubai/UAE, Global Connectivity, Grains, Bio-fuels, Bio-industrial Products, Decarbonization, Energy Security, Climate Change Resilience.

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