We connect producers and users of grains, biofuels and oilseeds, around the globe through origination, trading, and distribution. Our platform model provides an highly integration proposition, providing everything from research and consultancy related to food security initiatives, through to financing structures for farmers through to logistics expertise and marketing agricultural goods to our longstanding counterparties.

Providing institutional investors with a range of entry points into the agricultural value chain, through securitization and other means we provide a bridge between asset backed, defensive income streams that agriculture as an asset class, others through exposure to production and processing, trade finance and physical assets.


What We Do

We responsibly source, finance and ultimately deliver agricultural goods and commodities across the world. We have a particular focus on a universe of ‘soft commodities’, from the more traditional grains to alternative proteins to biofuels.

Here are just some of the goods that sit within our portfolios:

Canola Oil and Meal
Canola is a crop grown in the US, Canada and Australia inter alia, producing pods, which contain approximately 45% oil which are crushed. Canola, an abbreviation of ‘Canada’ and ‘ola’, is well regarded as a oil for culinary purposes with a very low saturated fat content, compared to other cooking oil options.
Learn about the fundamentals of international physical trading in agricultural commodities by utilizing our knowledge of Dubai, London, the UK, and other locations. Our focus is on market integration and food security, and it reaches from the vibrant commodities hub of Dubai to the agricultural markets of London and the soft commodity trade of the United Kingdom. We traverse a variety of settings, from the food security programs of the UAE to the grain markets of Dar es Salaam, the biofuels industry in Casablanca, and the agricultural commodities trade in Singapore. Our global reach guarantees seamless integration from farm to fork, and our presence in Perth enables the distribution of commodities. We enable the trade of agricultural commodities, promoting efficiency and sustainability throughout the supply chain, thanks to our extensive global network. Whether it's the vibrant trading floors of Dubai or the ancient marketplaces of London, our dedication to empowering farmers, dealers, and consumers worldwide and building a strong, linked global market for agricultural necessities never wavers.

Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGS)

DDGS are a by-product of biofuel production. A very high protein animal feed, it has the advantage of improving the environmental benefits of renewable energy production, falling out of a the chemical process of distilling ethanol from corn – leaving a fermented yeast product that can then be used an animal nutrition.

Feed Barley

Barley is one the major cereal crops, with a strong fibrous root system, given our strength in Black Sea origination is commodity we supply frequently. 85% of barley production is accounted for in livestock feed, although is also provides for human consumption, including starch flour and pearled barley.


Molasses are a by product of crushing sugar cane or sugar beets. Having reduced the juice to form sugar crystals, it is the viscous, brown syrup remaining which forms molasses. Considered by some as a healthier alternative to sugar, molasses can also be produced from sorghum, pomegranates, carob and dates.

Soybeans (Meal and Oil)

Soybean are from the legume family, and are a fundamental part of Asian diets. Soybeans contain antioxidants and phytonutrients that are linked to numerous health benefits and their cultivation today is dominated by US, Brazilian and Argentine exporters. Soy flour, soy protein, tofu and soy sauce all are related products.

Food Security Frameworks

Globally, the last two decades have led to witnessed the development hyper-optimised supply chains transcending borders, underpinned by a steely focus on reducing the cost of the last marginal production dollar. However, perhaps accelerated by the pandemic, governments are increasingly prioritizing ‘food security’ over efficiency gains. The need to secure reliable supplies of fundamental foodstuffs and retain sufficient inventories, is now a policy priority. Our team has been regularly consulted and retained over the years to analyse, cost, develop and ultimately operate assets that form the backbone of food security initiatives – both at regional and government level. Testimonial: Grey box: However, perhaps accelerated by the pandemic, governments are increasingly prioritising ‘food security’ over efficiency gains. Blueprints include infrastructure, transport and logistics to address the delicate balance of managing the balance between supply and demand of critical goods. From conceptualization, through to engineering and procurement, we are well positioned to deliver on food security frameworks which ultimately can be financed in a variety of public-private partnerships